Dionysis Kalamatianos

Member of the Parliament, SYRIZA

Dionysis Kalamatianos

Member of the Parliament, SYRIZA


Parliamentary Activities

In the elections of 7 July 2019, he was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) with SYRIZA political party, for the Constituency of Ilia.

He is a regular member of the:
• Parliamentary Standing Committee on “Public Administration, Public Order and Justice”

  • Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Affairs
    • Special Standing Committee on “the Monitoring of the Social Security System”
    • Committee on “state-owned enterprises, banks, public utility enterprises and social security agencies”.

Political/Social Activities

He served as:
• General Secretary at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Island Policy (2017-2018).
• Governor of IKA-ETAM Social Insurance Institute (2015-2016).
Since 2003, he has been working as a lawyer, specialized in labour, public and social insurance law.
In 2012-2014: He participated in the Committee for the Control of Parliamentary work of the Ministry of Labour Social Security and Welfare, for the parliamentary group of SYRIZA.
In 2012-2013-2016: He acted as conventioneer at the Conference of SYRIZA-UNITARY SOCIAL FRONT and the Congresses of SYRIZA.
In 2010 he was candidate Regional Councilor in the Local & Regional list with SYRIZA political party.